Niobrara Community Hospital District and Rawhide Health Clinic warns community about scam phone calls.

Scam Calls graphic

Contact: Heather Staudenmaier, Director of Human Resources 


For Immediate Release – December 25, 2023

Lusk – Niobrara County Hospital District and Rawhide Clinic recently became aware of scam phone calls during which the caller ID shows the call coming from the hospital or one of its clinics or departments.

During the call, the person on the phone is misrepresenting themselves as a hospital employee and asks for personal information including Social Security numbers, Medicare ID numbers and other personal information. While the phone numbers from which the calls are coming may match Niobrara County Hospital District and Rawhide Health Clinic numbers, they are not originating from NCHD/RHC. This has been confirmed and verified by the NCHD Information Technology Department.

NCHD/RHC has reported these calls as a scam and a complaint has been filed with the Federal Communications Commission.

As a reminder, do not give out your personal or financial information over the telephone. Resist the pressure from scammers to act immediately or pay in a specific way.

If you are unsure if a call is a scam, end the phone call and call Niobrara Country Hospital District or Rawhide Health Clinic directly at 307-334-4000. If you believe you have been the victim of a scam, contact the Lusk Police Department at 307-334-4055.