General Purpose:
The purpose of this position is to assist the Facility Director in the operation and maintenance of the physical plant and all of the equipment utilized to operate NCH on a daily, weekly, monthly, and long-term basis and to ensure that the facility department is in compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations. The maintenance technician will conduct all preventative and routine maintenance within his or her scope of skills and training. We are seeking a part time position employee. 

Essential Duties/Responsibilities:

Other Duties/Responsibilities:
The maintenance technician is an “on-call” position. This indicates that the individual will be required to work outside of normal business hours and may be required to work with a degree of autonomy regarding maintenance, cleaning, and supervision of housekeepers. As is the nature of maintenance this position is never “done”. This means that the maintenance technician must be vigilant regarding the condition of all areas of the NCH campus. May be required to be a member of or chair various committees i.e.: Safety, Quality, Facilities, etc.

Supervisory Duties: In the absence of the Facility Director, housekeeping.

Knowledge, Skills, and Ability:
Must have the ability to read, write, and understand English. This individual must have the ability to operate a variety of tools, specialty plumbing and electrical equipment, and large equipment. Basic computer skills (word processing, software navigation), the ability to use mobile communication devices, and other communication devices (fax, telephone, etc) are necessary.

Education or Formal Training:

Minimum of 3 years experience in building, mechanical and electrical maintenance.

Working Environment:
Working in a hospital creates a unique work environment of both confidentiality and hospitality. The addition of an Extended Care Facility to the organization creates of a level of expectation for the behavior of all employees when interacting with the residents on a daily basis. This is the residents’ home and as such requires an additional level of attention to detail from all staff. An interaction with staff, patients and patients families also occurs on a daily basis.
During maintenance duties the environment can vary from normal climate to very hot or very cold (even when indoors). There are some areas of high noise and unpleasant odors. Hazards vary but are usually associated with the use of tools and equipment used for maintenance or mobile equipment used for grounds maintenance.
Awareness for potential mistakes and the ramifications of those mistakes is essential for job performance. Errors may include improper installation of equipment or components, forgetting to check equipment, failure to follow protocol in routine maintenance. Being detail oriented and thorough will eliminate many mistakes.
Regularly used equipment includes computer and associated software for task tracking and hand tools, power tools, and equipment are used the rest of time.

Physical Activities:
This position spends 90% of their working day standing, walking, kneeling, or bending over. In addition, this individual is expected to be able to lift up to fifty (50) pounds using proper body mechanics. The ability to reach overhead is also important. The maintenance technician is exposed to various environment hazards including cleaners, hand sanitizers, soaps, Clorox, and gloves. Personal protective equipment is used as needed. If accommodation due to allergies, skin sensitivity or some other physical impairment is needed it is important to discuss this with the supervisor in a timely manner. The other 10% of the time may be spent working at a computer station or sitting in other work areas.