General Purpose: The purpose of the Radiologic Technologist position at Niobrara Community Hospital (NCH) is to perform X-ray and Computed Tomography (CT) diagnostic procedures on patients to meet the established practice parameters and standards of care. Works as a member of the health care team including physicians, nurses and other health care professionals in diagnostic testing procedures such as x-ray, computed tomography, trauma and outpatient procedures. Performs clerical duties, transports patients as required, processes images and maintains proper inventory of supplies. Assists with quality control/performance improvement measures as required. Must be available to work a rotating On Call and Call Back Schedule.

Essential Duties/Responsibilities: Performs a variety of technical and supportive activities in a hospital to assist medical staff in the diagnosis and treatment of patients to include operating x-ray equipment and CT equipment to standards association with the ARRT clinical practice guidelines. Prepare patients for diagnostic procedures to include obtaining radiographs/CT’s. Assume triage responsibility for maintaining the orderly and efficient flow of patients through the radiology department. Calibrate and perform routine maintenance on x-ray and CT equipment to ensure proper functioning; clean and sterilize instruments, supplies and equipment. Follows written and verbal instructions. Work under limited supervision; demonstrate ability to work without immediate supervision. Maintain effective filing system. Maintain positive relationships with hospital staff, medical staff, patients and visitors. Participate in problem solving as needed. Operates fixed and mobile radiographic equipment to produce routine diagnostic medical images. Computes techniques and adjusts control panel settings such as kilovoltage, exposure time, milliamperage, and focal spot size. Positions patients to image desired anatomic structures. Selects image recording media, adjust table or cassette holder, aligns x-ray tube for correct distance and angle, and restricts radiation beam for maximum patient protection. Exposes and processes images. Operates equipment associated with Digital Radiography, diagnostic/clinical workstations, optical disk storage systems, network and computer interface. Preforms general diagnostic imaging activities; reproduces images. Cleans and inspects equipment and performs preventive maintenance. Receives patients, prepares and processes examination requests and related records, files reports. Knowledge of supplies, equipment and/or services ordering and inventory control.


Other Duties/Responsibilities: Maintain quality, safety and/or infection control standards. Perform other related duties as required to ensure the smooth operation of the hospital. Radiology Technologist will be expected to work a rotating On Call and Call Back Schedule.

Job Qualifications


Knowledge, Skills, and Ability: Must have the ability to read, write, and understand English. Must be licensed as a Radiology Technologist in the State of Wyoming. Possess one year’s experience as a Radiologic Technologist and a Computed Tomography Technologist. Must be currently certified in CPR (and recertified annually) and Basic Life Support Certification (BLSC) required. Education or Formal Training:

Minimum education: Associate degree of Radiology Technology, Certification of Computed Tomography and ARRT Registered and Licensed by the State of Wyoming.


Experience: One year of X-ray and one year of CT experience in similar clinical setting.



Working Environment: Working in a hospital creates a unique work environment of both confidentiality and hospitality. The addition of an Extended Care Facility to the organization creates of a level of expectation for the behavior of all employees when interacting with the residents on a daily basis. This is the residents’ home and as such requires an additional level of

attention to detail from all staff. An interaction with staff, patients and patients families also occurs on a daily basis. The job will generally be performed 85% of the time in doors with minimal outside exposure unless the individual is required to move between buildings on the NCH campus. Normal noise levels (those of business office with large equipment) can be expected.


Physical Activities:

This position spends 80% of their working day standing, walking, kneeling, or bending over. In addition, this individual is expected to be able to lift up to fifty (50) pounds using proper body mechanics. The ability to reach overhead is also important. Personal protective equipment is used as needed. If accommodation due to allergies, skin sensitivity or some other physical impairment is needed it is important to discuss this with the supervisor in a timely manner. The other 20% of the time may be spent working at a computer station or sitting in other work areas.


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