General Purpose: The Medical Laboratory Technologist will perform waived, moderate and high complexity testing to ensure adequate operation of laboratory services at NCH.  The Technologist will communicate the state of laboratory functions to the Laboratory Director on a regular basis.  The MLT will make recommendations and participate in the planning, organization and coordination of the overall operation of the Laboratory Department.  These services are provided in the Laboratory, the Emergency Department, Rawhide Clinic and Hospital Inpatients.   This individual must have the ability to communicate effectively with all members of the health care team.  The Technologist will maintain a high level of professionalism, which positively promotes the image of the hospital.  This position will have the ability to educate patients and families as to the nature of procedures.  This will require the possession of better than average interpersonal skills.  The Technologist will require the ability to follow complex instructions and to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.  The MLT will participate in the daily functions of the laboratory and must be available some nights and weekends.

Essential Duties/Responsibilities: Establish, review and revise laboratory policies and procedures.  Establish, review and revise quality assurance procedures for the laboratory.  To review preventative maintenance for equipment and instruments.  Reviews and is knowledgeable about equipment and instrument contracts.  Review patient reports and billing charges to assure appropriate patient care.  Train and encourage staff compliance with safety regulations and use of personal protective equipment.  Train and encourage staff compliance with HIPAA regulations.  To assure the compliance of departmental and institutional policies, procedures, and regulations.  Provide technical expertise as needed or requested. Participate in long range planning for new hospital departmental services and in developing and maintaining departmental budgets.  Maintain departmental supplies.  Maintain departmental equipment and instrument requirements. Consult and communicate when adding procedures and resolving problems. Submit the necessary laboratory surveys, quality control and calibration verifications for review as required.  Assure the appropriate disease state statistics are reported as required.  Maintain continuing education credits.

Other Duties/Responsibilities: Performs Venipuncture and Arterial Collection.  Follows laboratory standard practice for obtaining and evaluating the acceptance of specimens.

Performs hematological tests and urinalyses:  Accomplishes standardized qualitative and quantitative evaluation of erythrocytes, leukocytes, and thrombocytes and performs manual differentials.  Performs coagulation studies. Performs chemical, macroscopic, and microscopic urine specimen examination. Performs chemical analyses:  Tests specimens using chemistry analyzers.  Calibrates and maintains instruments.  Makes necessary calculations and reports data to supervisors.  Performs dilutions as required. Reviews procedures for timeliness and accuracy. Blood Banking duties:  Follows NCH’s blood component policies and procedures for blood procurement, storage and emergency release.  Adheres to policy and procedures when performing blood banking testing. Performs microbiological and serological tests:  Is familiar with and proficient at obtaining the correct specimen for any primary cultures to be sent out for culturing.  Performs general and specified serological tests for identifying antibodies and antigens specific to disease. Accomplishes general medical laboratory duties:  Takes all necessary precautions (uses universal precautions) to maintain safe conditions in the laboratory for both patients and laboratory personnel.  Performs preventative maintenance procedures on laboratory equipment.  Performs, evaluates and interprets laboratory quality control procedures.    Prepares reagents and controls for use in test performance.  Prepares specimens for shipment to reference laboratories, processes outgoing specimens for medical laboratory analyses in other facilities.  Acquires the necessary continuing education hours.  Follows good standard laboratory practice. Employees are held accountable for all duties of this job.

Job Qualifications: 

Knowledge, Skills, and Ability:  Must have the ability to read, write, and understand English.  Can follow compliance to CLIA standards and state of Wyoming regulations. Follows advances in laboratory technology.  Can perform basic supervisor duties.  Can use Microsoft Excel and Word programs.  Can operate office equipment.  Has knowledge of and can demonstrate

rules for safe exposure and handling of chemical and biological hazards.  Can follow compliance to HIPAA regulations.

Education or Formal Training:

Minimum education: Bachelor’s Degree and possesses a national accredited certification for an MLT.

BLS Certification


One year of clinical laboratory work experience

Working Environment:

Working in a hospital creates a unique work environment of both confidentiality and hospitality.  The addition of an Extended Care Facility to the organization creates a level of expectation for the behavior of all employees when interacting with the residents on a daily basis.  This is the residents’ home and as such requires an additional level of attention to detail from all staff. An interaction with staff, patients and patients’ families also occur on a daily basis.

The job will generally be performed 98% of the time indoors with minimal outside exposure unless the individual is required to move between buildings on the NCH campus.  Normal noise levels (those of business office with large equipment) can be expected.

Physical Activities: This position spends 80% of their working day standing, walking, kneeling, or bending over.  In addition, this individual is expected to be able to lift up to fifty (50) pounds using proper body mechanics.  The ability to reach overhead is also important.  Personal protective equipment is used as needed. If accommodation due to allergies, skin sensitivity or some other physical impairment is needed it is important to discuss this with the supervisor in a timely manner. The other 20% of the time may be spent working at a computer station or sitting in other work areas.

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