A Message From The CEO

I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know what’s going on at NCHD upcoming in September. The facility has been working tirelessly to improve employee and patient satisfaction scores over the past year. We have started to see an upward trend in our patient volumes, and we are excited to be able to serve the community members of Niobrara County. We have also been working to improve our facility and the business office billing and processes for the past year and we are starting to see significant measurable changes from the community’s perspective. The hospital continues to struggle with RNs for the ER, but we have been very happy with the travelers who have devoted their time to our facility and our patients. The hospital applied for and received a grant from the state that allows us to purchase a new portable X-ray machine for Radiology. We are excited to continue making facility upgrades with the community’s generosity and the state grants we continue to apply for. The ECF residents were able to enjoy the new ice cream machine the auxiliary purchased for them throughout the warm summer days. The ECF residents have also been able to enjoy a lovely tea-party organized by our staff and pictures are always posted in our NCHD newsletter, please stop by, and grab a copy if you would like to see the pictures. The dietary department and Care Coordinator have set up a family night for our ECF residents’ families, please join us September 28th for our first family night.