Board of Trustees

Board Members from left to right: Danny Cushman, Mark Groh, Janae Poage, Pete Pier, and Tom Dunlap

Mark Groh-Chairman:
Mark was nominated to the board in May of 2012 and then reelected in the fall of 2012. His experiences include farming, ranching, owning a construction company, and serving on the school board.

Janae Poage-Vice Chair:
Janae was elected to the board in 2010. She works for the EWC Community Education outreach program. Janae brings several years of working in health care as a patient advocate as well as risk management knowledge with her to the Board room.

Danny Cushman-Treasurer:
Danny was first nominated to the board in January of 2012, he was then reelected in the fall of 2012. Danny has served on the local Planning and Zoning Board and is currently Chairman of the  Republican Precinct Committee. Danny lives on a cattle ranch south of town with his family.

Pete Pier-Secretary:
Pete was elected to the board in 2012. He is a past Town of Lusk Mayor and Town of Lusk Councilman. In addition to serving his community, Pete also owns the Pier Funeral Home.

Tom Dunlap-Board Member:
Tom Dunlap was elected to the board in 2010. As a lifelong resident of Niobrara County he brings a diverse background of experiences including many leadership positions in health care. Tom currently works for the Union Pacific Railroad. He resides on a ranch west of town.

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